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Welcome to Shoot Booth, Ireland’s largest and most trusted supplier of professional photo booth solutions since 2013. Over the last 9 years we have supplied photo booths for over 5,000 events, from weddings and small private parties through to large corporate events, nationwide experiential marketing campaigns, festivals and everything in between.

In these days of digital photography where people take photos but almost never print them, a photo booth is a nostalgic throwback that everyone loves. Leaving an event with a photo keepsake is a lovely way to make sure that your event is a memorable one.

Have a look at what our happy customers have to say about us and make sure to check out the detailed FAQ on each section of the site which should answer every question you have.



Wedding photo booth
Wedding Selfie Mirror


party photo booth
Hashtag print station


Wedding Selfie Mirror
Hashtag Print Station
Custom branded Photo booth
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